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An all-in-one solution for your business in Sweden!

Since 2001, Aurenav Business & Payroll Services has provided full-service tax, payroll and local representation agent services for individual consultants, companies and organizations with employees based in, or working in, Sweden. Whether you are an individual, a small to medium sized business, or a Fortune 500 company, Aurenav can tailor a business service that meets your distinct requirements.


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Company Formation   Bookkeeping
Doing business in Sweden can take several forms. The choice of the corporate form will be determined by the criteria of "permanent establishment" used by the Swedish Tax Authority to determine the form and the tax treatment of a business. Each corporate form...   Companies in Sweden, whether limited liability companies or branches, have to maintain Swedish compliant bookkeeping. Even if the accounting in Sweden meets the standards for many European countries, several particularities are...
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Payroll Services   HR Services
Learning the complex regulatory environment of any country can be a daunting experience filled with the potential for risk. Add a different language and a frequently changing regulatory environment and the challenge of managing regulatory compliance...   Sweden combines aspects of capitalism and socialism into a dynamic economic environment. The extensive involvement of the state in regulating the labor market as well as the difference in how social benefits are provided compared with...
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