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Business Services

Bookkeeping Services

Need a bookkeeper for your Swedish company? Aurenav Bookkeeping Services ensure full compliancy with Swedish accounting standards. We make sure that you stay away from tax and accounting related problems in Sweden.

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ICT Security

Digital Forensics

Aurenav provides proper guidance or solution to ensure a forensic collection of data in compliance with the highest standards.

Web Services

Mirai CMS

Infrastructure design, implementation and operation for hosting platforms and applications that leverage the latest advances in technology.

Enterprise Architecture

Aurenav specializes in providing expert enterprise architecture consulting, solution design and assessment services to publicly traded multinational companies, government, military and large non-government organizations. By leveraging our own applied research laboratory, we deliver services more effectively and efficiently while offering competitive prices.

The Research Institute

Aurenav Research Institute is our internal laboratory enabling us to design complex enterprise architecture solutions for critical IT infrastructure environments that require a high level of availability, security, scalability and reliability. Aurenav Research Institute works closely with universities and IT professionals to guarantee the most up-to-date knowledge on information and communication technology.

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