Program and Project Management

Unified Vision Framework (UVM)  

The UVF is an easy to remember, easy to communicate, simple model for implementing tasks and managing the intangibles at all levels of an organization. It provides an effective framework that dramatically reduces documentation and updating that creates a drag on most projects by empowering teams with a simple behavior that is more effective.
The UVF is a business agile framework that consists of five components:
  • 1 L + 1 M + 1 P = 1V Model (1 Language + 1 Mind + 1 Plan = 1 Vision)
  • The VSPT Framework (Vision, Strategy, People, Tasks)
  • The 4D, 4R and 4P Models 
    • 4D = Define, Distill, Deliver, Drive
    • 4R = Right Ideas, Right Values, Right Actions, Right Results
    • 4P = Portfolio, Process, Programs and Projects, People
  • The UVF Delivery Matrix
  • 3D View of the UVF (Vision, Right People, Drive, Right Results)
Training covers UVF mappings to PMBOK, PRINCE2 and SCRUM    

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Test Preparation Training  

A 5-day project management seminar, on-site or at your location, that enables the participants to pass the PMP exam guaranteed.  
Qualify for the Money Back Guarantee by:
  • Reading the PMBOK Guide - Fourth Edition prior to coming to class
  • Memorizing the Glossary of terms in the PMBOK Guide - Fourth Edition (there will be a short quiz on Day One to verify this knowledge)   
  • Memorizing 5 detailed charts and graphs from the PMBOK Guide - Fourth Edition prior to the seminar (same quiz, you will be asked to fill in the blanks)  
  • Attendance at all 35 class hours is required (Use of mobile phones and laptops limited strictly to class break periods)  
  • Investing at least 20 hours using the practice test software before taking the final test (you must score in the 75%-80% range in all 9 areas and all 5 domains on the practice exams)  
  • Taking the exam within 4 weeks of finishing the course.